1995-2000 – The DS3 years

From 1988 to 1994, T1 connections were adequate to run the network, including connections to the NSFNet. In 1994, the connection to NSFNET was upgraded to DS3. Demand for internet connectivity jumped and Los Nettos upgraded the majority of its member connections to 45 Mbps connections (DS3).

  • 1995 – American Computer Group (ACG) joins Los Nettos as non-voting member.
  • 1995 – Los Nettos backbone is ugraded to 45Mbps.(T3)
  • 1995 – The Associate Program is integrated into Los Nettos and expanded to include hub sites at the Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California, Caltech, American Computer Group, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and TRW-Space Systems.
  • 1996 – Los Nettos co-founds the MAE-LA / LAAP internet exchange in downtown Los Angeles and Marina del Rey with Metropolitan Fiber Systems (MFS).
  • 1998 – Los Nettos Co-founder Jon Postel dies on October 16; anniversary plans are delayed.
  • 1999 – Los Nettos starts upgrades to gigabit backbone.
  • 2000 – Los Nettos celebrates belated 10th-anniversary party in October.