The T1 years

Los Nettos Regional Network – the T1 years

While most regional networks were built as 56 kilobit per second networks, Los Nettos started with T1 (1.5 megabit per second) links between all of its sites. When CERFNet was completed in 1989, it provided Los Nettos with a backup connection to the NSF Backbone and vice versa.

  • 1988 – NSFNET upgraded to T1 backbone.
  • 1988, June – First commitments made for funding for Los Nettos.
  • 1988, October – First Cisco gear arrives at USC’s Information Sciences Institute for testing and configuration.
  • 1988, December – First four nodes are up and passing packets (Caltech, UCLA, ISI, USC), as the all-T1 regional network is realized.
  • 1989 – Los Nettos adds nodes for RAND Corporation, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), TRW, Trusted Information Systems (TIS), IBM, UNISYS, and Naval Ocean Systems Command (NOSC), completing the orginial network.
  • 1989 – Los Nettos allows associate connections via member connections.
  • 1994 – Los Nettos upgrades its connection to the Internet backbone to DS3 (45Mbps).