Los Nettos supports traditional and innovative uses of computer networks among all members and for those associates who have the facilities to use them. Los Nettos does not provide value-added services such as news feeds, domain name service, web hosting, or help desk support. Members and associates are expected to have a technical staff that can provide these services to their users.

Los Nettos provides Internet Protocol addresses, both IPv4 and IPv6, based on demonstrated need by associates.

Los Nettos members are required to have fully redundant paths. Los Nettos associates may also have redundant paths, but they are required to have only a single connection to a hub site. Los Nettos supports both IPv6 and multicast and highly encourages members and associates to use both. Jumbo frame capability is available to associates depending on the configuration of the associates’ connection. All Los Nettos members are jumbo-frame enabled.

The Los Nettos engineering team also assists member and associate organizations with special networking events, such as the recent live surgery broadcast from USC’s University Hospital. Los Nettos engineers are also available for consultation in multi-homing techniques, use of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), conversion to IPv6 addressing and routing and other networking topics and issues.

From time to time, Los Nettos offers classes to its members and associates on timely networking topics such as the Domain Name System, Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), and multi-homing with BGP.