The Network

The Los Nettos network is comprised of dark fiber and leased gigabit circuits, laid throughout the greater Los Angeles area. The network is connected to multiple upstream providers and peering partners in geographically diverse locations. The backbone is 10-gigabit. We are currently in the process of upgrading our optical infrastructure to support additional advanced technologies.  This new upgrade will allow participants to take advantage of 40- and 100-gigabit services.

Los Nettos is well positioned to provide high-end services to its members and associates. Los Nettos runs native IPv6 and native multicast, and jumbo frame. Los Nettos is working with its member campuses to implement dynamic provisioning of resources.

Los Nettos has high-speed connectivity to other research and education networks world-wide through its connections to:

  • CENIC’s CalREN network (which in turn has connections to Internet2).
  • Pacific Wave, International Research and Education Internet exchange.
  • Any2, peering exchange at One Wilshire.
  • CIIX-LAIIX, CENIC International Internet eXchange/Los Angeles International Internet eXchange).